About Project

  • Maintaining a list of goods at your end is essential to deliver the material in time. Operation becomes smooth when you know what you have in stock, what you have to order, and when your customer needs it.
  • It’s a multi-layered software solution with great UI/UX experience. You can maintain the stock with multiple warehouses. You can create Inward slips, Delivery slips, Orders, etc. The most exciting thing about this software is you can add/view/edit in software from any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • The challenge for Team WizTech was to provide multi-user roles and multi-warehouse in the same portal based on the operational process. We did that successfully with a power-packed set of features.


  • Create Inward/Outward Slip warehouse wise
  • List out and edit Inward/Outward Slip
  • Changing Status of Inward/Outward Slip
  • Take order and can execute it partially with item and partially with qty.
  • Launch Shopping type portal for customer linking with Item and Stock
  • Reports: Party wise Item, Item wise Party, Top 10 of Item/Party, Area wise Item, “Should Focus on” Item, “Should Focus on” Party. 


By maintaining stock at my fingertips, you can commit to order at any time at anywhere. The best thing about it is you can access it from Laptop/Mobile/Tablet. You won’t need to create another Mobile Application for it. After Maintaining stock, the Back-end Operation of the industry becomes smooth and can manage the Goods as well as Finance successfully.

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